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Supporting Learning AFAR

(Written by Jordan Robbins & Robert Kavalek)

When the AFAR Foundation and Global Explorers created Learning AFAR, we had a shared vision of creating a program where others who believe that travel is the best form of education could join us in providing eye-opening travel opportunities to youth who could not otherwise afford to explore our world. As we begin our fourth year of Learning AFAR, we are pleased to not only have some wonderful corporate sponsors but also some very generous individual donors. Donors like Robert Kavalek, who not only share our vision AFAR but also work to support transformative travel.

Robert shares his reasons for supporting Learning AFAR here:

I believe that travel is fun, educational, and most importantly, a transformative experience. I recently chose to be a proud sponsor of the AFAR Foundation because I strongly believe in it’s core principle that travel is the best form of education.

The AFAR Foundation’s flagship program, Learning AFAR, provides experiential travel to youth of low income families in the United States. It emphasizes cross-cultural exchange, service and leadership before, during and after an international expedition. Participants are introduced to the world of travel writing as a means to not only tell their travel story but also to learn the components of self advocacy in the telling of their own story.

Traveling has introduced me to the world and has greatly enriched my life. I’ll never forget the first time I left the USA in 1980 to vacation with my family in Martinique. I was 17 years old at the time and while I didn’t have the advantage of participating in a structured program that Learning AFAR provides, I accomplished my goals of having fun, getting a glimpse into a different culture and meeting people. The highlight of this trip was connecting with the locals using my recently acquired, French language skills. Not only did I chat with hotel staff and our tour leader but managed to get an invite to dinner after having met a new friend! I also loved learning about the history of Martinique, especially the story of the Mt. Pelee eruption. Other highlights included a visit  to a rain forest and sampling the cuisine of Martinique.

Travel has shaped my personality and has given me a purpose in life. Meeting and connecting with people from around the world has enriched my life and has taught me much about the world. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel – especially youth of low income families. This is why I give 10% of my profits to the AFAR Foundation. I encourage you to do so as well! Note that the AFAR Foundation gives 100% of donations received to its programs.

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