March 27, 2012 / By Jane Jennings

Why March is the Best Month

10. Spring Training
9. Spring flings
8. Spring cleaning
7. Spring shoes
6. Spring forward
5. Spring blossoms
4. Hot springs
3. Sprouts begin to spring
2. Spring break

As you can tell, March easily springs to the top of the best-month list. The sun shines a little brighter, the air gets a little fresher, and plants get a little greener. March, to me, represents the refreshing and renewing of all things. People in Colorado are springing around in shorts and flip flops (but, then again, they were doing that in mid-December…) and birds are beginning to sing their spring songs. I hope you enjoy this revitalization as much as I do. And imagine: if spring is this wonderful here, what would it be like in Peru, Tanzania, or Costa Rica?