April 6, 2011 / By Administrator

Greatest Internship Ever?!  We Think So!

Global Explorers is currently seeking applicants for our awesome September - May internships.  We are looking for unique individuals to fill our Program Support, Marketing and Leading the Way internship positions.  If travel inspires you, we want to hear from you!  Visit our website for more information on how to apply.  Still not convinced?  Read below to hear what some of our current interns have to say!


As the Leading the Way intern, I have had the opportunity to be truly inspired by a very diverse group of students.  It has been incredibly fulfilling for me to see this year's teams grow and develop.  Each time I talk to one of our students, parents, or educators my passion for the program grows deeper.  I recently had the opportunity to attend a "Cocktails in the Dark," experience that Global Explorers put on at the YPO conference.  For me, it was an incredibly empowering experience, and listening to Erik Weihenmayer speak was a true source of inspiration that I want to continue passing on to others. I cannot wait to meet our Leading the Way participants at our retreat this week, and even more so, I can't wait to experience an expedition with these students first hand.  I know that it will not only be a life-changing experience for them, but also for myself.  

I have had the opportunity to work along side a staff that truly inspires me, and a staff that seems more like a family than  just co-workers.  Unlike most other internships, Global Explorers makes it a point to ask its interns what they want to learn and what projects they want to be involved in.  By putting on "brown bag lunches" once a month, interns are given training sessions on the world of non-profits and a chance to gain valuable knowledge.  And unlike most other jobs I've had in the past, each day that I get to go to Global Explorers, I wake up excited and happy to go to work. I couldn't ask for a better internship or to be working with a better group of people.  

             -Danielle, Leading the Way intern


The term intern can often carry some unpleasant connotations.  You often think of being at the bottom of the barrel, licking envelopes all day or being the person running back and forth to Starbucks on an hourly basis so that everyone can have their perfect cup of coffee (ok, slight exaggeration – but you get the picture)!  You do expect to gain business knowledge but rarely do you expect to be a part of the business process or involved in decision making.  Last August, I came to GEx unaware of the impact this internship would truly have on me. Now, seven months later, I don’t even think I could call it an internship anymore – it is now a job, a passion, something I look forward to doing every time I step foot in the office.  I know I am part of something that is bigger than I am.  When you look at GEx from the outside, as I did when I applied for the internship last year, you may just see an awesome non-profit student travel organization – but from the inside we are a family that is genuinely passionate about changing the way youth sees the world.   I couldn’t be happier with having had the chance to be involved in such an awesome organization and gaining more than I ever could have ever expected from an “internship."

            -Jess, Marketing and Outreach intern